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6 tips to operating a crane safely

Cranes are used in many, many different industries but regardless of what they’re being used for, they still pose a danger if not used correctly.
Understanding crane safety is paramount, especially so because of their size.
In this blog we’re going to touch on different aspects of crane safety so that you’re better protected.
Safety check
Before you operate the crane you should check to see that everything is in working order. Test each control to make sure that it’s doing its job and always make sure that these controls are labelled correctly.
Once you’ve done this, jump out of the crane and inspect its exterior. Keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks out of the ordinary, any loose bolts etc.
Oh, and check that the tyres are inflated!
Get the gear
To avoid injury whilst you’re operating the crane you must make sure that you’re wearing proper safety gear.
Hard hat, high vis jacket and so on. Each of these items is paramount in ensuring that you’re safe whilst you operate the crane.
Wire, rope and safety straps
Check and then double check your rope, wire and safety straps. If you seen any sort of fraying or damage to any of these things, the crane isn’t safe to use. Imagine lifting a heavy load and one of these things snaps.
You’re not just putting yourself in danger, but everyone around you too.
Clear the path
If you’re going to be moving the crane then you’ll most definitely need a clear route. Walk the route you’ll be taking and check for any bumps on the ground or other such anomalies.
Shift everything out of the way. If you don’t check the route before you start shifting the crane you could end up meeting a few nasty surprises.
First and foremost select the first choose the right hitch for your load, this will ensure balance. Then, tighten all the safety straps and bolts to make sure that the load is secure. If it starts to shift during transport then it’s posing a huge risk to everything around you.
Common sense
Lastly, make sure you have your wits about you. If you feel something out of the ordinary then stop and inspect everything.
Don’t be neglectful of anything; you’ll end up regretting it.
If you’re unsure about any of the above then contact a professional who can check over your crane to ensure that it’s safe to use and inform you of what you should be doing.



Lift mini crane hire – SAFECONTRACTOR approved – 2013/2014,

We are pleased to announce our accreditation for SAFECONTRACTOR has been certified again for the period Aug – 2013 – Aug 2014,

The Health and Safety Assessment Scheme recognised all over the UK, is an indication of the direction our company is heading, along with the objectives we work toward and strive to maintain…

For more information on the scheme and what the criteria set out within the accreditation, please follow the link

your in Safe hands…






People are more recently becoming aware of just how versatile the Spider Crane can be, with the requirement becoming ever so more apparent that we are building on top of building, and utilising space within work areas and storage areas…

This is a great example of how useful a spider crane is to a facility that has no space, and needs a safe, and productive method for maintenance and repair.

We tracked our spider crane (a URW/295) into the pedestrian walkway, and lifted down and back up – machinery parts that weighed over 300kg per lift.

The 295 is the most commonly used spider crane on our hire fleet, however it isn’t the smallest or the most versatile.IMG_4537



URW376 ideal for stadium and exhibitions with its long reachWith the London Olympic Games 2012 becoming a distant memory for anyone living outside of London, the aftermath of the games are still presenting work opportunities for many trades. Our Mini cranes are still popping in and out of the various areas on the park that are continuing with works, especially the DLR rail developments at Pudding Mill Lane. And also the Olympic Park Bridge will be an interesting feature when the workmanship has completed and the site is open to the public… Unfortunately we have no photo’s as yet but watch this space for some sneak preview snaphots…