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Westfields Mini

Located at arguably the most high profile shopping centre in the country in Stratford, London. As the shoppers take a walk down the parade toward the 2012 Olympic stadium and arena’s, you will see a red mini mounted on the wall, as if driven up the wall by defying gravity.

The spectacle fits in beautifully with the amazing buildings surrounding the shopping centre like the Olympic stadium, and the Velodrome.
The fiberglass replica was produced by L & G signs on behalf of MINI, and together with Hi-Reach access, Lift ltd were asked to lift and position the MINI using our grandest Spider crane – the URW/706.

Photos of the lift are in our gallery, or you could go and see it for yourself…


Olympics 2012

We are currently assisting with the exciting developments down in stratford, on the Olympic set up for 2012.

As the 2012 games in London are fast approaching, we were asked for assistance in the construction of a new shopping centre in Stratford is association with the games.

We have been using a variety of our equipment and all of our specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure that this job, as with all of our others, was completed to an impeccable level of quality.


Library of Birmingham

We have carried out a lot of work on the new Birmingham library. The £193m Library of Birmingham will tower over Centenary Square in the heart of the city with capacity to accommodate more than three million visitors a year, according to the city council, which is backing the project with £159m in public funds. Only the British Library, which operates by appointment only and does not lend, will be larger.


Highcross Leicester

We are proud to be able to say that we carried out 2 years work on the highcross shopping centre in Leicester.

Thanks to the work of Lift and other companies, the Highcross shopping centre is not the centre peice for the regeneration of Leicester city centre.

With hard work and dedication to the project the shopping centre is now one of the most up-to-date in the country, boasting a John Lewis department store, the first in Leicester, and a Cinema de Lux, the only multiplex cinema in the city centre.


White City, London

For work on the Westfield shopping centre, Lift were asked to assist in its construction, helping to make it the great leisure complex it is today.

Working on a site a distance from our Leicester headquarters was not a problem for us, arranging all the logistics of a project like this with ease. Situated in the heart of Greater London, the Westfeild shopping centre is located in the beautiful Shepherds Bush.

With minimal disruption to businesses and residents, Lift completed another great job to the satisfaction to everyone.


Corby Cube

Our mini-cranes were hired out to contractor companies involved in the new development down in Corby recently, making sure that this once industrial town had a brand new spectacular landscape.

In 2003 the Urban Regeneration Company (URC) Catalyst Corby was launched. One of the main aims of the plan was to transform Corby’s town centre; a centre blighted by unattractive post-war architecture and budget retailing.

The main redevelopment was the Corby Cube, the 7 floor complex housing a theatre, cafe and library amongst others. Lift was commissioned to help with this development recently.


Ghandi Statue Leicester

The new statue tribute to Ghandi has now been unveiled in Leicester.

Situated at the corner of Belgrave Road and Donaldson Road in Leicester, the statue is now a landmark of Leicestershire.

We had to apply and use our knowledge of previous lifts and made sure this bespoke job was a sucess for everyone involved.


Nottingham University

Lift have used our minicranes and personnel, both in contract lifts, and crane hire on the jubilee campus, and the new development on Shakespeare street in Nottingham town centre.

We were required to help with this project and cause no inconvenience for commuters and students alike, which of course we did without any problems.