While the fluidity of the current situation means regular changes in advice, we are happy to inform you that we are still open for business at this time. We will be monitoring the Government advice closely and will inform you of any changes to our business. However, it is our intent to remain open as usual to serve you, our customer.

We would simply like to reassure you through this difficult time that we are here to help, and to remind you of the staff members and our contact details:

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Mini Crane Hire

Lift Minicranes offer a wide range of mini spider crane s types and sizes. On the worldwide market there are many different manufacturers of the mini cranes, and we have done our research for the end user.

Mini Crane Hire
UNIC Cranes

UNIC Cranes

Lift Mini Crane Hire are the largest Mini Crane Hire Company based in the Midlands, we also service all major cities in the UK including London, Leicester, Sheffield, Brighton and Doncaster. We offer a range of cranes including Mini Cranes, Aluminium Cranes and Spider Cranes. We also offer other equipment; like the Bocker RK36, Tractive Pusher and Glass Lifting Attachments.

We pride ourselves on being part of projects that celebrates a city’s rich heritage; one of our more recent projects involved the use of our mini cranes for the glass installation on the Leicester city’s brand new King Richard III Visitor Centre.

In built up cities like Leicester, a major construction concern lies in planning for vehicles to fit into narrow spaces, but our Mini cranes are uniquely designed to fit into the tightest of spaces. The small spider crane is proposed built to fit into restricted spaces and our vacuum lifting attachments are specifically designed to lift and hold objects into position whilst construction is being carried out around it.

Not only are our cranes secure and safe, as members of the Construction Plant Association (CPA) we follow a set of rules and guidelines to ensure that machinery standards and emission control are up to code and to make sure that public safety is at the top of our list during construction and road transportation. For over 75 years the CPA have been the leading trade association for the construction industry and as such being a member means that we are able to keep up-to-date with the latest with the latest news and updates within the construction industry.

To view our full range of accessories, transport and crane hire solutions please feel free to browse the site – we will be more than happy to take your enquiry and help with any questions that you might have. Call us on 0845 128 8911 or fill out our enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

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