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Crane Supervisor & Coordination

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Crane Supervisor & Coordination

Among our personnel, a growing demand within the industry is for competent lift/crane supervisors. On many occasions, there has been a demand for our crane supervisors to work alongside the crane operators, to follow the lift plans and the method statements on a contract lift.

With the industry improving so rapidly in terms of health and safety, it is now necessary for competent lift supervisors to be present for nearly all lifting operations on site.

The lift supervisor holds a deeper understanding of the risks and danger elements involved when using a crane, no matter how small, from the initial planning stage of a cranes presence on site to the unforeseen potential hazards that may arise when working with a crane.

Our lift supervisors are at the ready to come out to your site and ensure that the lifting operation is carried out to a very high standard from start to finish.

If you want us to take on the lift for you or need more information on taking on the responsibility of your lift, please read about our contract lift hire services or make an enquiry online.

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