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Bocker RK 36/2400

Aluminium Crane

Bocker RK 36/2400

If you’re working on a site where space is at a premium and high level lifting is required the BOCKER RK36/2400 is the ideal solution. Its 2.1m tracking width enables it to access narrow areas, ready to be positioned almost anywhere, and the fully remote control operation enables your operators to work safely and efficiently from an ideal vantage point. Boasting a 36m reach our BOCKER RK36 hire is especially popular for the following applications: Glazing, Cladding, Signage work, Air Conditioning Installations and assisting with roofing jobs, lifting and positioning high level loads, as well as a host of domestic construction operations.

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Permissable gross vehicle weight (t) 4,5
Max payload (kg) 1.500 (optional 2.400)
Max. extension length (m) 34,0 (optional 36,0)
Hook height max. (m) 32,6 (34,7)
Working height up to boom (m) 23,4
Boom extendable (m) 4,9 / 8,0 / 11,1 (opt. 13,1)
Boom payload (kg) 2.400 / 1.500 / 800 / 500 / (250)
Main mast angle (degrees) 85
Boom angle (degrees) 162
Pivoting range (degrees) +/- 310
Hook speed (m/min) 50
Range for crane operation at 250kg (m) 23,1 (23,5)
Range for crane operation at 500kg (m) 16,6
Range for crane operation at 800kg (m) 12,9
Range for crane operation at 1 t (m) 10,0
Range for crane operation at 1,5 t (m) 7,5
Range for crane operation at 2 t (m) 5,4
Range for platform operation at 250 kg (m) 15,8
Range for platform operation at 100 kg (m) 18,8
Working height in platform operation max. (m) 30,5
• 250kg SWL platform (2 persons)
• Basket manual controls
• Rotation facility – for 180° cage rotation for access
• 110v supply basket connection for use of tools
• Diesel or electrically operated
• Minimal point loadings for fragile floors
• 16m outreach with 2 man basket
• 30m working height
• Total machine weight 4500kg
• Multiple position outriggers for rigging in tight areas

Bocker RK 36/2400
Thanks to a powerful Diesel engine, the crane on a crawler chassis gives excellent power reserve in any situation.

The BOCKER RK36/2400 has a full Electrical power facility to allow working indoors with zero emissions at full capacity.

For more information on BOCKER RK36/2400 hire, download the spec sheet, request a brochure, or call 08451288911 or email [email protected]
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