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Glass Bogey UPT 180

Glass Bogey UPT 180

This rugged and easy transport cart facilitates the transport of windows, glass plates or similar loads up to 180 kg on rough terrain on the construction site. Since the transport cart does not support part of the
load until it is loaded and fixed, 3 or more auxiliary loads are required for handling loads of more than 90 – 180 kg. In this way, two workers can stabilize and support the load while the third employee attaches the
transport cart. 90 kg with 2 users. In the typical application, a glass pane is placed on the storage surface. Then fix the disk using the hand-held vacuum cleaner by pushing the pump cylinder 2-3 times. Thus the UPT 180 is fixedly connected to the element to be moved. In addition to window panes, other elements such as doors, furniture etc. can also be sucked in. The rerequisite is that the product to be sucked has a smooth and air-impermeable surface.

  • Technical Data
  • Key Features
Bearing capacity 90-180 kg (3 users),
up to 90 kg (2 users)
own weight 11 kg
Measurements 260 x 186 x 744 mm (L x W x H)
accessories 1 set of roller blocks
(edge protection)
  • Carrying capacity up to 180 kg
  •  2 users up to 90 kg / 3 users 90 – 180 kg
  •  Air filled tyres
  •  Rubber support surface

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