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Lift Eco-UNIC

Lift Eco-UNIC

Introducing the latest in mini crane engineering, the UNIC battery powered Eco-095 and Eco-295 models provide fume-free lifting for sensitive environments. Ideal for food processing plants, listed buildings, shopping centres, airports and clean environments, these unique mini cranes are powered by a rechargeable 48v battery yet retain all the lifting power of our standard models. Innovative features include low-marking wheels which enable the cranes to work on light-coloured or polished surfaces.

  • Technical Data
  • Working Range
  • Dimensions
  • Key Features
Crane Capacity Eco-095 0.995t x 3.5m
Eco-295 2.9t x 1.4m
max working radius 8.41
Max lifting height 8.9m
Rope Length 14.12m (4 fall), 29.24m (2fall0, 59,46m (1fall)
  • Total width 0.75m
  • Max working radius 8.41m
  • Multi-position configurable outriggers (Eco-095)
  • Operator control of outrigger extension
  • Intelligent voice warning system
  • Preliminary stability warning system with motion cut
  • Radio remote control as standard
  • Working area limitation (Eco-295)
  • Optional slew limitation (Eco-295)
  • Max Boom Length 8.65m
  • Max Lifting Height 8.9m
  • Weight 2425kg
  • Capacity 0.995t x 3.5m (095) Capacity 2.9t x 1.4m (295)

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