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LIFT GGA 800 Counterblancer

LIFT GGA 800 Counterblancer

Counterweight balancers combined with vacuum lifters serve for safely and ergonomically installing glasses or window elements in difficult to access areas – such as under canopies, balconies, eaves etc. The vacuum lifter can directly be connected to the counterweight balancer with an interchangeable adapter or alternatively, it can be mounted to the load hook of the counterweight balancer while maintaining the rotating and tilting function. It is important that the Release function of the vacuum lifter is coupled electrically to the position of the travelling cage of the counterweight balancer. In this way it can be ensured that the counterweight balancer remains in a neutral, balanced position after performing the command Release of the suctioned load. The OKTOPUS® GL-RN 400/600/800 vacuum lifting devices can optionally be equipped with a function that controls the travelling cage of the counterweight balancer.

  • Technical Data
  • Dimensions
  • Key Features
Counterweights 24 pieces removable (1 counterweight = 25 kg)
Operation CB-E-FB 800/24/2,0 with load hook: with cable remote
control of the cable remote control
CB-E-FB 800/24/2,0 together with vacuum lifter OKTOPUS® GL-RN 400/600/800: with cable or radio remote
control of the vacuum lifter
Power Supply 24 V DC battery system
  • construction site use together with
    – a load hook and slings or
    – with vacuum lifters LIFT GL-RN 400/600/800; GL-RN-F 400/600/800
  • electrically driven counterweights operated with cable or radio remote
    control for balancing loads up to 800 kg (plus weight of possibly mounted
    vacuum lifters)
  • battery-powered energy supply with high capacity
  • built-in gauge for monitoring energy supply


LIFT GGA 800 Counterblancer
The load lifting attachment counterweight balancer GGA-E-FB 800/24/2,0 fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 13155. Together with load hook and slings (e.g. ropes, chains, belts etc.) it serves for lifting and positioning construction elements (e.g. those with integrated crane eye) in difficult to access areas (e.g.below eaves, balconies, stages etc.).Together with a tilting vacuum lifter LIFT GL-RN 400/600/800 that is connected to the counterweight balancer GGA-E-FB 800/24/2,0 it is possible to install
large-sized glass and façade elements in difficult to access areas. Electrically driven counterweights allow balancing the loads.
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