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The impressive 815c is a large Spider crane with a wide range of additional functions that clearly open up the possibilities for the use and applications for a spider crane.

The 815 has an Hydraulic Fly – jib that will operate under load – and offers 1500kg working limit, and a massive Searcher Hook that boasts a 1000kg Safe Working Load.

The 815c also carries a load using it’s “pick – and – Carry” duties with a load of 1000kg over the front of the crane.

The most Impressive feature is the stylish 10.4″ multi touch screen monitor, and Joystick controls.

  • Technical Data
  • Working Range
  • Dimensions
  • Download Spec
Crane capacity capacity: 8.0t x 2.4m
Max working radius max: 18.8m x 300kg
Max lifting height approx: 19.6m x 2900kg (25.5m x 1500kg with Fly-Jib)
Rope length max: 21.0m 6 falls, 34.0m 4 falls, 68.0m 2 falls,136.0m1 fall
Dimensions folded: 5,900mm x 1,670mm x 2,400mm
Weight unladen: 9,000kg
Hook speed approx: 18m / min (4 falls, 4th layer)
Telescopic system boom length: 5.52m – 19.40m
telescoping speed: 11.7m / 41.3sec
boom type: Fully automatic 5 section pentagonal telescopic boom
Derricking angle/speed approx: 0º – 80º / 17 sec
Slewing angle/speed approx: 360º continuous / 2.5 rpm
Traction system drive: Hydraulic motor driven, stepless speed changer
travel speed: 3.3km/h
gradability: 20˚
track ground length: 2275mm
track ground pressure: 0.49hgf/cm2
track width: 400mm
Engine manufacturer: Maeda Cranes
fuel: Diesel / Electric
maximum output: 30.5KW, 2500RPM
starting method: Electric
tank capacity: 70L

Point loadings: Due to the many variables involved, point loadings are only available on request

Standard equipment: Overwind protection, Load indicator, Hydraulic safety valve, Wire Rope latch, Level, Machine body inclination alarm, EMO switch,  Outrigger interlock device, MSOS, Moment limiter, Rotary lamp, Slew restriction system.

Optional equipment: Rubber pads, Singe fall hook, Searcher hook (1.0t), Hydraulic type fly jib (1.5t)

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