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The most common and versatile vacuum lifter in the range, will lift glass up to 320kg. The MRT 4 will be used as an in-line, has the ability to rotate and lift horizontally. Duel circuit vacuum system for additional safety and an audible and visual warning system if vacuum drops below required level in either circuit.

  • Technical Data
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  • Key Features
Dimensions 1990mm x 930mm (Linear Configuratiion)
840mm x 712mm (Standard Configuration)
1691mm x 1230mm (Extended Configuration)
Load Capacity:
Per pad
Lifter Weight 58kg
Power Source 12V DC (8 amps)
Battery Capacity 7Ah
Rotation Capability Manual 360, with automatic locking at each 1/4
Tilt Capability Manual 90, with automatic locking in vertical
Low vacuum warning
lights and buzzer
Red light and audio buzzer are energised until
vacuum level is sufficient to lift maximum load
weight (higher than 16”Hg {-54kgPa} and whenever
vacuum loss causes pump to re-engage
Operating elevation Maximum 6000 feet [1828m]
15° to 105°F [-9° TO 40°C]
  • Capacity: 320kg
  • Dual circuit vacuum system with reserve tank, non-return valve and vacuum gauge for each circuit
  • 90° manual tilting from vertical to horizontal
  •  Manual 360° lockable rotation (continuous)
  •  Integral maintenance-free vacuum pump
  •  12v rechargeable battery with integral 110v or 240v charger and battery energy gauge
  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning
  •  Four extension arms allow alternative configurations
  •  On-board control panel

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