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The 450Kg SWL vacuum lifting device is optimally suited for loads up to 450 kg with its long and narrow design. Thanks to its modular design, the 450Kg SWL can be easily and quickly adapted. The standard 4 suction cups can be extended to 6 pieces without tools. The detachable load arm provides additional flexibility. The 450Kg SWL has hanging eyelets for vertical mounting without load arm and an ergonomic hand slide valve. The attached suction plates ensure good adhesion and application power on the construction site. The 450Kg SWL automatically performs the suction process by button-press. 450Kg SWL also monitors vacuum pressure automatically.

  • Technical Data
  • Dimensions
  • Key Features
Vacuum system: Two-circuit system
Suction plate: 4 pieces x 300 mm
6 pieces x 300mm
Weight 47 kg (4 pieces)
57 kg (6 pieces)
Operating drive time 12 V battery, 7 Ah – 8 hours


High flexibility due to modular design
Removable load arm and extensions for additional suction plates
Suspension eyelets, for vertical mounting without load arm
Ergonomic hand slide valve


  • 300 kg bearing (4 pieces)
  • 450 kg bearing (6 pieces)
  • Vacuum suction plate system
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Modular design
  • Approx. 8 hours drive time
The 450Kg SWL’s power-independent power supply ensures maximum performance in almost any situation.If vacuum loss occurs or a vacuum circuit is completely de-energized, the 450Kg SWL indicates this additionally with an acoustic warning sound.Furthermore, the controlled vacuum pump ensures continuous operation of up to 8 hours
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