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Our New Variable Outrigger Unic 295-3 @ Forth Bridge.

Our New Variable Outrigger Unic 295-3 @ Forth Bridge.

UNIC URW-295-3 Variable Outrigger Spider Crane

Capacity: 2.9t x 1.4m

The UNIC URW-295-3 retains all the benefits of the standard URW-295 model, but sees the addition of variable, adjustable outriggers, enabling this mini crane to operate around fixed obstacles on site to suit the lifting requirements of each project.

The addition of variable outriggers means this mini crane can operate in spaces where other mini cranes cannot. The adjustable outriggers reduce the working footprint of this already compact mini machine, making it ideal for working in extremely tight and small spaces.

With a width of just 0.6m, the URW-295 -3 can access through a standard door frame yet comes with a heavy lifting capacity of 2.9 tonnes. The 8.65m boom provides a maximum lifting height of 8.8m, whilst an optional fly jib gives a further 1500mm reach where required.

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