While the fluidity of the current situation means regular changes in advice, we are happy to inform you that we are still open for business at this time. We will be monitoring the Government advice closely and will inform you of any changes to our business. However, it is our intent to remain open as usual to serve you, our customer.

We would simply like to reassure you through this difficult time that we are here to help, and to remind you of the staff members and our contact details:

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

LIFT LTD are CPA members and employ the following conditions:
Under the terms of a standard CPA contract lift, the crane/equipment and all personnel including crane operator, crane supervisor and appointed person, are the responsibility of the crane hire company.
The crane hire company are responsible for all aspects of the planning and execution of the lift(s) and will provide insurance for the following:

  • 1.Loss or damage to plant/equipment caused solely by the hire companys negligence in the performance of the lifting contract.
  • 2.Loss or damage to third party property caused solely by the hire companys negligence in the performance of the lifting contract.
  • 3.A maximum liability of £25,000 in respect of goods lifted.
  • 4.A maximum liability of £5 million in respect of loss of or damage to third party property or death/injury to third party persons.
    (These items can be increased subject to an increase in hire rate)

Contract Conditions
CPA Model Conditions
CPA Members have the exclusive right to use the CPA Model Conditions (which are under copyright ©) and are accepted as the industry standard for Plant Hire companies. These conditions were revised in July 2001; and are used when dealing with compa- nies, partnerships or sole traders when acting in the course of their business.

Hire Contract Terms for Consumers
CPA Members have the exclusive right to use the CPA Consumer Conditions.
There are two separate sets of conditions, one for plant supplied without an operator and another for plant supplied with an operator.
Both sets must only be used when dealing with consumers. In general terms, a con- sumer is someone hiring for private or domestic purposes.

Contract for the Lifting and Movement of Goods
Commonly known as Contract Lift Conditions, Members have the exclusive right to use these conditions.
Contract Lift Conditions are to be used when the crane hire company contracts to carry out a specific managed lift, where the Crane Hire company plans and supervises the lifting operation.
For the simple hiring of a crane to work to the customer’s instructions, Model Conditions for the Hiring of Plant (2001) should be used.

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